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The Perfect Wedding Playlist: Balancing Ballads and Beats

What does the perfect wedding playlist look like?

This question isn't always easily answered! You may be able to transfer over some songs from previous weddings but for the most part each wedding is unique. It makes sense, each wedding has a different group of people with differing tastes in music. It is our job as DJ's to cater to the particular crowd! We must find the perfect balance between each generation of guest that is on the dance floor. What is our suggestion? Start catering to the older crowd, then cater to the very young crowd, then cater to the majority of guests who typically fall in the 18-30 age range.

What does this look like?

Say the reception portion of the evening starts at 6 and the first song is to come on around 7. Once 7 hits, start catering to the older crowd, music from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. This is just a general rule and of course you must cater to whoever is on the dance floor. Once the clock hits 745, 8pm you can start to cater to the very young crowd (ages 6-14). Portion 2 of the dance doesn't need to last long, typically only 30 minutes. Then it's time to get into the "Beats". The favourite classic wedding songs, the top 40 music from the radio, and the music that caters to the 18-30 year olds!

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